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I’m a little behind on updates.  We had final inspection a week ago. Pass! Pass!  There is one small thing where the inspector wanted something changed, so that is being completed (sloping the header at the bottom of the stairs to … Continue reading

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Three Months Down, Two to Go

Sorry for the long delay.  It’s been another busy couple of weeks, and we hadn’t hooked up our computer after the last move.  M and I are starting to look longingly at ads for tropical vacation and wondering when our … Continue reading

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Tile, Etc.

Just a quick post to drop some pictures in your lap. Last week was tile setting week, which took most of the week.  Since we decided we cared very much how it turned out, M and I tag teamed so … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light .. and a Slight Detour

We’re done enough for now with the lighting.  At this point, we’ve purchased all but one fixture.  Most of the shades still need to be purchased, but there’s no need to buy them for a couple of months. Keep reading … Continue reading

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Living in a Material World

M and I have spent the last month shopping for materials.  In order to save some money, we are looking at lots of material options, including reuse and salvage, seconds, warehouse sales, sample sales, overstocks, etc.  In some cases, we’re … Continue reading

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