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As promised, this week was a big week.  M went over to the house yesterday to check up on things and holy batshit! there was a lot going on. M called me at work to give me an update.  The … Continue reading

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And We’re Off!

After a delay while everyone sorted out what to do about the foundation, work has begun!  Today, the excavators did some trench digging and will start pouring concrete probably Monday.  It needs to go on in batches, so they don’t … Continue reading

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We’re all done with our prep work on the house and are just awaiting our official start date tomorrow. Let’s review where we are. This is a picture heavy post, so I’m experimenting with splitting the post. For those on … Continue reading

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The Elephant in the Room

There are definitely aspects of planning that are less sexy than selecting materials and knocking down walls, but no less important.  Money is the elephant in the room when doing a remodel.  The other biggee is where we live and … Continue reading

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For Reals

The dumpster arrived Monday, so this is apparently really happening.  And M, who is not one to put off until tomorrow what he can do today (a concept I am not familiar with) has been hard at work at packing, … Continue reading

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