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Yes, Well….

Apparently, we’re enjoying being back in the house so much, I can’t be bothered to blog about it. Still planning on taking pictures throughout the house and posting a wrap up.  However, I think I will wait until after next … Continue reading

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Pop Art

So remember when I told you we were getting an Warhol-esque picture done of Sybil and you helped me choose which picture?  We finally ordered it and got the proof. Here’s what we submitted: And here’s what we’re getting: Can’t … Continue reading

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How Did We Do?

Why, hello!  Long time, no chat.  I’ve been busy in sleeping in my bed, in my bedroom, in my house, in my neighborhood.  Totally awesome. This will be kind of long, so bear with me.  We need to catch up. … Continue reading

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The Final Countdown

Yes, it’s time for The Final Countdown.  No, not Gob’s magician act from Arrested Development. (Although our new TV room would only be better if we could watch new episodes of Arrested Development in it!) No, I mean The Final Countdown to … Continue reading

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I’m a little behind on updates.  We had final inspection a week ago. Pass! Pass!  There is one small thing where the inspector wanted something changed, so that is being completed (sloping the header at the bottom of the stairs to … Continue reading

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A Good Weekend

The weekend finally felt like we made a lot of progress. The carpet went in on Friday.  A little unexpected, but when there’s  a hole in the schedule, you take it.  We stayed up late Thursday to finish the first … Continue reading

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The carpet is going in tomorrow! So much for my plans to paint the upstairs this weekend BEFORE the carpet goes in.

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