We live in a 1912 Craftsman bungalow in Portland, Oregon.  After 7 years in the house, we decided it’s time for some rearranging of the floor plan and other improvements.  This blog chronicles our triumphs and tribulations with the house.

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  1. Kim Olivia says:

    Hi. I have that same stove. The handle may break away from the oven door – it is a common problem with this stove as the plastic in the handle that it screws into is not solid, but is just a thin casing. You can fit this problem by unscrewing the metal face of the oven door – you won’t have to go all the away as the sheet metal is so thin it will bow away enough that you can remove the handle, repair it and replace it without removing the oven door components entirely. Besides regluing the plastic, I surrounded it with (yes, you can laugh) mortar (it’s what I had at hand and it handles heat) and made the inside of the handle solid all the way around the plastic the screws seat into. It has held together nicely and I suspect it will not have the audacity to break away again. Your house looks great. Enjoy!

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