The Final Countdown

Yes, it’s time for The Final Countdown.  No, not Gob’s magician act from Arrested Development.

(Although our new TV room would only be better if we could watch new episodes of Arrested Development in it!)

No, I mean The Final Countdown to moving back in.  M and the cats move back on Friday, IN THREE DAYS!!!  I have a little more than a week after that in the hills with the dog.  by Labor Day, it’s aloo back to normal.  We’re super excited.

In preparation for human and animal creatures living in the house and perhaps wanting to sit on something other than a 5 gallon bucket, we went to Ikea last week.  The upstairs is most ready to be put back together, but since we didn’t really have the right furniture for the new space.  We found a loveseat and TV stand, both super cheap! 

The Kivik loveseat with Ingebo Dark Blue cover

Comfy, squishy back cushions for cat who like to look out windows, wide arms for plates, drinks and cats, and darn near perfect for taking a nap on.  We’re both looking forward to taking a nap.

Hemnes 3-drawer TV unit in Back-Brown

 We moved all the leftover bookcases into The Steamer Room, abd voila!  Now, it’s a reading room.  Or will be, once we find the seat cushion and books.

The Reading Room

Someone made a comment to me that we must be really efficient at painting now.  And I think we are.  It’s time consuming, but we’re in a groove, and it doesn’t take us long to gather up everything we need at the start or clean up at the end of the day.  In particular, we keep a bucket of paint thinner in the utility sink and, after healf heartedly cleaning the brushes, we drop them in the bucket and leave them.  They’re totally fine by the next day.  Also, I never clean roller brushes.  Someone shared the tip with me to wrap them tightly in plastic and keep them in the refrigerator to use them the next day,  Well, since our refrigerator is still unplugged, we just wrapped them in plastic and left them out.  It turns out they’re not just the next day, but even a week or two later!  So, the moral of the this story is: don’t waste time or water cleaning roller brushes.

One roller per color

 All y’all have a good night now, y’hear?  (Forgive me, I’m coming to you from Nashville and must go off to some vendor event that undoubtedly involves country music.)

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2 Responses to The Final Countdown

  1. Amber says:

    Love the new TV room – looks like a fabulous knitting perch. But isn’t that reading room where you used to keep your yarn stash? Where is that gonna go?

  2. Hi~I just found your blog and your house is looking great. Nice job.

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