I’m a little behind on updates.  We had final inspection a week ago. Pass! Pass!  There is one small thing where the inspector wanted something changed, so that is being completed (sloping the header at the bottom of the stairs to match the angle of the stairs).  We did a walk-through on Monday with our contractor and architect and signed off.  So in theory, our house is done and habitable!  Yay!  I shall celebrate by opening another beer (Lagunitas IPA — yum).

Glassed In

The shower glass arrived, and it looks great.  All our subs have seemed to be super careful and precise, and this one was no exception.  The guy who wrote up the specs wanted to make sure the towel bar lined up with the top of the tile half-wall, which is a nice touch.  These are our only towel bars in the bathroom, so no hogging towels.

All done! Except for the sticker on the glass


The other big news is that the floors and stairs are one day away from being completely cherry-clad.  The floor itself is all laid, the lower stairs are done, the upper stairs just need treads, and the landings need to be installed.  We’re also adding quarter-rounds on the treads to solve a small spacing issue.  That’s it!  Then our house is really done.  Except painting, of course.

(Sorry about the crappy cell phone pictures.  Forgot my camera again.)

We have floors!

Maybe we'll turn the living room into a ballroom, so everyone can admire the floors while dancing

We decided on squared off bottom stairs (these are still treadless)

These stairs DO have treads, but need some touch up on the risers (and a second coat of Beluga)

The cherry looks great and has lots of good character!  They will cure over the next few months to couple of years, darkening into a deeper, redder color.  They’re so solid too.  I didn’t realize how used to the “spring” in the fir floors I’d become.  It was a little funny to walk across certain parts of the floor, without an added bounce in my step.

And Lest We Forget…

Why, yes, we are still painting! It’s gotten more tolerable now that most of what remains is topcoat or touch up.  At this point, the upstairs is very, very close to completion.

Beluga walls -- this corner still needs another coat

That space under the window is 84″ wide, so I am now on the lookout for a not-outrageously-priced couch or loveseat to go there.  It has to have squishy back cushions because the cats have made it quite clear that they prefer squishy couch cushions in front of a window.  We decided to move the TV up from the living room to this room.  Now that we’ve gotten used to the 60″ TV at our housesitting gig, we’ll have the evaluate whether a 37″ TV will do.  I’m not ashamed to admit that I love TV.

The Purple Room is no longer purple.  It shall now be known as the Steamer Room, which is the color it’s painted.  Also fitting because it’s the hottest room in the house in the summer.  Mmm, steamy.

The Steamer Room

And, now, whether we deserve it or not, M and I are taking TWO WHOLE DAYS OFF.  This is so we can drive 3 1/2 hours and back for a family party (Happy Birthday, Mom and Schwestie!).  The drive actually sounds nice and relaxing, and we’re looking forward to the weekend.

And as a random final side note, I checked the blog stats to see what internet searches led people to the blog.  I’m pleased to note that one search was for “ceiling fan ‘not ugly’“!  There are others who share my pain!  Perhaps the most perplexing one, though, was “inside dumpster.”  Hmm.  I hope they found whatever it was they were looking for.  Our dumpster was not inside.

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