A Good Weekend

The weekend finally felt like we made a lot of progress.

The carpet went in on Friday.  A little unexpected, but when there’s  a hole in the schedule, you take it.  We stayed up late Thursday to finish the first coat on all the trim and to clean up the upstairs.  I think it looks pretty good, don’t you?

Next up was the mudroom.  We didn’t really plan on blue walls when selecting the blue floor, but I think it will work fine once we get the rest of the stuff in there.  I think I’ll redo the bench cushion in something with white, red and/or blue in it. This is the color our kitchen will get changed to … eventually.

Saturday afternoon, we rented a UHaul to move our remaining stuff (furniture and some kitchen things) back from H&J’s.  With the truck, it was just one load.  Lots of stuff scattered about now, but at least it’s looking more like a house in disarray than a construction zone.

Today, M did more trim work and I continued painting blue.  Another Devine “rule” is to only change corners mid-room at an inside corner.  So that’s how we ended up with these parts of the hallway/living room blue.  The remainder will be a grayish color — you can see a swatch on the wall in the stairwell.

Last but not least, M finished his outside stairs last week.  They look great, and our contractor thinks they will pass inspection!  Once they pass, M will do a little more sanding and finish work and then stain them.

Perhaps the best part of the weekend is that we finally managed to pace ourselves enough to visit a few of our favorite haunts in the neighborhood, see and chat with several neighbors and hang out with a friend this evening.  Back home 5 weeks from today!

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