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Prime Time

“All right, Mr. DeMille.  I’m ready for my close up.” With drywall complete, we decided to prime as much as possible before the trim starts going in.  We haven’t yet picked colors for the new parts of the house, and … Continue reading

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Mood Boards and Paint

Olioboard and I have been wasting some time together.  M and I are totally jumping the gun and thinking about paint colors, now that the drywall is done.*  I’ll have to admit I’m stumped.  The new area is so open … Continue reading

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Let There Be Light .. and a Slight Detour

We’re done enough for now with the lighting.  At this point, we’ve purchased all but one fixture.  Most of the shades still need to be purchased, but there’s no need to buy them for a couple of months. Keep reading … Continue reading

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Sneak Peak

M and I were in the neighborhood one evening last week, so we stopped by to see what was going on with drywall. Drywall should all be up now, with the tapers due to start their magic late this week. … Continue reading

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Staying On Top of It

While there is a lull in the activity to photograph, I thought I’d share how we tried to stay organized during the remodel.  House-wise, stuff is continuing and we’re preparing for a lot of activity in the next couple of … Continue reading

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Our first temporary living situation is at a friend’s house.  Let’s call her H.  H and her husband (we’ll call him J) were teaching abroad.  But she needed to come home early because she was pregnant with twins.  Well, the … Continue reading

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