Elvis Has Left the Building

We moved out!  It became clear that we were stalled with demo and packing up while still living in the house.  It was kind of depressing living in the house, and I developed bronchitis from the dust.  So over the weekend, we moved a whole lot of stuff to our new digs.  It’s so nice being in a nice, clean house!

Getting our house ready for the remodel has been an undertaking.  Even though the remodel affects half the house or less, every single room had to be packed up because it is either squarely part of the remodel, has one wall as part of the remodel, will be used for access or will be used for storage.  It was almost worse than moving out permanently because we had to divide stuff into (i) what gets moved to our temporary locations, (ii) what gets left at the house but so we can still access it, and (iii) what goes into deep storage.  The house we’ve moved into now was largely empty, so we were able to bring a lot of furniture over here.  Some of the move is still is progress (case in point: this morning I discovered my comb and shampoo are here, and my brush and hairdryer were still in SE.  Oh well.), but we’re just about done.  There is a shocking amount of our stuff here.

There’s a Hole in My Bucket

In bigger new, M finished the giant hole.  We had a 5-day dirt dumpster delivered late last week, so he had to get cracking (I was totally useless in this endeavour).  The hole is 9’x9′ and nearly 4″ deep.  It’s a perfect square, with an even bottom.  M is very proud of it, so if you talk to him, be sure to tell him how awesome the hole is.  You’ll have to take my word for it — we’re still working on getting full computing power over here.*  Pictures will come later. 

*If you find yourself in a temporary move situation and are not sure how you will get reliable internet access as you move around, let me tell you the solution.  Get an iPhone and add tethering to your plan.  Your iPhone then becomes a wireless network.  Totally awesome.

Demolition Derby

We are super close to being done with the demo that we committed to do.  Which is a good thing because the contractor is showing up Thursday to start prepping the house (glad we didn’t wait until next weekend to move).  Before we turn it over, though, M and I will do some well deserved demo in the bathroom.  We can’t wait.  I’m going to film M sledgehammering the bathroom cupboard.

Kitty Update

Yeah, they love the new digs.

"I've always wanted a squishy couch cushion in front of the window"

"Do you need help unpacking? 'Cause I can help!"

Hopefully next time, I’ll have the Mac back and can share more pictures.

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